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Legal solutions are as varied as the individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that experience legal needs. At Papa & Roberts, our Nashville family law attorneys understand that clients expect insightful, balanced legal guidance, and that every client does not fit into the same mold. We also know that too often lawyers make the underlying problem worse instead of better, adding to the conflict instead of helping clients through it in a sensible way. As a result, we tailor our legal services to respond to the specific needs presented by our clients in ways that makes good business, emotional, and financial sense. This more holistic approach to the practice of law means we consistently provide our clients with top quality legal services in family law, probate, and business advising.

Our lawyers particularly excel at using innovative alternative dispute resolution methods, especially with our divorce clients who find the adversarial litigation system is simply not what their family needs to help them work through their divorce in a way that meets theirs and their children’s needs – legally, emotionally, and financially.

Divorce is an arena when the litigation process can take a very difficult reality such as the decision to divorce, and turn it into an adversarial fight that can last years, cost many tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars in legal fees, leaving the parties financially broke and also unable to effectively co-parent in the aftermath of the divorce.

Our Nashville family law lawyers offer clients other creative options to help them transition from being an intact family to a divorced family – options such as collaborative divorce, negotiated settlements, and divorce mediation. Some of these processes involve using non-legal experts such as mental health professionals or financial specialists to help address the needs of divorcing families that are outside the professional expertise of divorce lawyers. In the end, we work best with divorce clients who see the divorce as a crisis to be navigated or a problem to be solved, and who need solid support and advice navigating those tricky waters, but are not interested in fighting through a protracted court battle.

The attorneys at Papa & Roberts, PLLC have a great deal of experience assessing clients’ legal needs, educating them about their options, and guiding them through disputes with as little stress and expense as possible. Our Nashville family law lawyers are particularly adept at assisting clients who wish to maintain a healthy relationship with the party with whom they are in conflict after the dispute is resolved. For divorcing families, that means a solid focus on positioning parents to co-parent well after the divorce so that the children’s needs are addressed in a constructive way. For businesses and organizations, the focus on relationships allows companies to have the option to continue to do business following the dispute in ways that are profitable or otherwise mutually beneficial for both sides.

We encourage you to explore our site to see if our unique approach to divorce, adoption, business law, or probate can be of use to you or your organization. We serve clients in Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, and surrounding counties. To schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, please call 767-5900 or email us.

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