Alternative Approaches to Resolving Conflict in Churches, Religious Organizations and Communities: What Papa & Roberts can do to Help

Courtesy of Leigh Ann Roberts, Attorney and Mediator, Nashville, TN

Conflict in our communities can be costly and painful experiences. Mediation and conflict training are excellent methods for resolving conflict in a respectful and positive way. The professionals of Papa & Roberts, PLLC offer cutting edge mediation and training services for churches, synagogues, neighborhood associations and other community groups to help these organizations function more smoothly, move through conflict with grace and ease and focus on the mission of their organization rather than internal conflict. Our professionals can assist organizations and community groups in a wide variety of settings, both large and small, to resolve conflict. Conflict within religious communities can be particularly painful. Papa & Roberts offers mediation services to help your church, synagogue, or other religious organization understand and resolve your conflict so that your community can begin moving toward healing and peace. These services are also beneficial for easing pastoral/leader transition.

At Papa & Roberts, we provide mediation services to resolve disagreements and disputes related to land use and property, including neighbor, community association and zoning disputes as well as landlord/tenant and other property-related disagreements.

Conflict in Schools & in Educational Institutions

Our mediators can assist your school with the various forms of conflict that can arise in schools and educational settings, such as bullying, disputes between parents and teachers or administrators, conflict among teachers, groups and administration and disagreements related to special education. Our Papa & Roberts consultants are trained to come into your church, synagogue, community group, or nonprofit organization and assist you in creating systems that resolve and prevent conflict. Each project is created to meet the specific needs of the client. If your organization is experiencing high turnover, frequent conflict between members, or discontent between members and leaders, call Papa & Roberts for information on how we can help you create greater satisfaction on the part of your organization's members and leaders alike. Papa & Roberts consultants are also available to train members of your organization to resolve conflict that arises in the future. Congregational mediation teams, peer mediators, neighborhood mediation leaders and trained members can be a tremendous resource for your organization.

Conflict Management Training for Schools and Organizations

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