In Tennessee, conservatorship is the process by which a conservator is appointed by the Court to take care of an adult who is not able to care for him or herself, either temporarily or permanently. The process is used to take care of individuals who are “disabled” or “incapacitated.” Our conservatorship lawyers can help clients set up both full conservatorships, where the person seeking the conservatorship is asking to be totally in charge of the disabled person, or partial conservatorships, where only the disabled person’s finances or only their healthcare are under conservatorship.

There is often a great deal of emotion around conservatorships and the law is fairly complex. Our attorneys help our Nashville and other Middle Tennessee clients who have a loved one they think may need to be under the protection of a conservatorship assess the situation to see if court involvement really is the best path, or whether less restrictive solutions might exist for the family. Frequently, conservatorship petitions relate to aging family members who have lost the ability to effectively care for themselves.

If you are in the difficult position of considering a conservatorship, contact one of our probate attorneys via email or at 615-767-5900 to schedule an initial consultation.

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