probate process

Losing a friend or family member can be emotionally devastating and it is often difficult to know what steps to take to ensure the loved one’s property is distributed as he or she wished and in a legally sound way. At the law firm of Papa & Roberts, PLLC, in Brentwood, attorney Benjamin Papa handles probate matters for people throughout Middle Tennessee, including clients in the towns of Franklin and Nashville. These can be difficult issues to discuss, but Ben works diligently to find the best solutions for clients. He and his staff guide clients through every step of the probate process to ensure that everything goes smoothly and efficiently.

Probate Process

After a person dies, probate is the process of implementing his or her will. If he or she did not have a will, the courts will process the property, including re-titling homes, cars, bank accounts and other personal property through a defined legal process. Our firm works to ensure the probate process is handled correctly in a way that protects executors — as well as beneficiaries — from legal liability.

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