little girl Some lawyers call surrogacy and other forms of alternative reproductive technology the “wild, wild west of family law” because the law is not clear in Tennessee around these issues. Tennessee does clearly allow for surrogacy, but the particular legal steps can be murky. Our surrogacy attorneys have worked with many families to negotiate and create solid Surrogacy Agreements and related documents to insure that everyone involved in the Surrogacy’s rights are addressed. We regularly represent both Intended Parents who are looking to have a child through surrogacy, as well as women who are intending to serve as surrogates, or gestational carriers.

In addition, our lawyers can help Nashville families work through other “out of the box” situations such as egg donation and sperm donation agreements. If you are considering surrogacy as a way to grow your family and want to explore your options, contact us at email or 615-767-5900.

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